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HTML5 Angry Birds

Everyone's favorite mobile game arrives in HTML5.


  1. HTML5 Angry Birds

  2. Tankworld

  3. Walking with CSS3


  1. Google Demos 3D HTML5 Video

    Google has launched a new Chrome experiment that shows off their WebM video codec in action along with some of the flashier features of HTML5 video.

  2. Facebook's Project Spartan

    Facebook is planning to launch an HTML5 based platform for mobile apps, a move which could put the company in direction competition with Apple and their App Store.

  3. Disney's HTML5 Graphic Novel for Tron

    Disney has teamed up with Microsoft and design firm Vectorform to create an HTML5 based graphic novel based on the Tron sci fi world, one of the first HTML5 graphic novels published by a major brand.

  4. Microsoft to Open Up Windows 8 to HTML5 Apps

    Although details are still somewhat sketchy, it looks like Windows 8 could see the line between web and desktop applications begin to seriously blur - if not disappear altogether in certain cases.