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HTML5 Angry Birds

Underscoring how much HTML5 is going to be used as a gaming platform, a port of the biggest mobile game of the past couple years, Angry Birds, has been released in the Chrome Web Store.

The HTML5 Angry Birds does an excellent job recreating functionality that was previously available via mobile apps, playing smoothly in both Chrome and Internet Explorer 9. Granted, there are slight browser differences, with IE currently lacking capability for some WebGL effects and Firefox 3.6 only able to play the game in standard definition.

However, the release highlights how far HTML5 adoption has advanced in a short timeframe, to the point where companies are now able to offer a slick, HTML-based gaming experience that works reliably across multiple platforms. This current browser-based version of Angry Birds is free, although future versions may require a purchase.

Try the game out by going here

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