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Facebook To Challenge Apple With HTML5 App Platform

Facebook is planning to launch an HTML5 based platform for mobile apps, a move which could put the company in direction competition with Apple and their App Store. According to a Techcrunch report, around 80 outside developers - along with Facebook's own team - are currently working on the project.

The platform, dubbed "Project Spartan," purportedly offers a seamless integration with the mobile version of Facebook. Users are able to load apps in a "Facebook wrapper" directly from the mobile site, and access Facebook features like credits within the context of the app.

Facebook's effort is definitely the biggest indication of a trend that has become apparent in 2011 - the beginning of a shift from apps written in platform-specific languages delivered through ecosystems such as Apple's, to apps created with open standards such as HTML5 and JavaScript that can be delivered cross-platform. Such a shift has the likelihood of reshaping the app landscape, and Facebook no doubt sees huge potential for their own stake in such a market.

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